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Start a B2B webshop

Do you have a successful wholesale business and want to move toward e-Commerce? A smart move because B2B e-Commerce offers numerous advantages. Among other things, it boosts your online sales. The first step you need to make is to choose B2B webshop software.

Choosing B2B Webshop software

Choosing B2B webshop software is not something you do on a daily or annual basis. It is a deliberate choice. Therefore, please contact us without obligation. Our specialists will be happy to give you the necessary explanations and tips for setting up your B2B webshop.

Linked or integrated with your ERP?

Do you use an ERP (enterprise resource planning) to manage your business? Then a link or integration with your webshop is a must. This ensures that:

  • Products, prices & discounts automatically appear on your webshop
  • Orders are forwarded to your ERP>
  • Adjustments in your ERP automatically show up on your web shop

In other words, nothing but benefits!

Important functionalities of a B2B webshop

A B2B webshop differs from a B2C webshop. There are some specific functionalities that distinguish a B2B webshop. Some of these are::

  • Customer-specific order lists
  • Customer-specific catalogs
  • Real-time inventory management (interfaced with your ERP)
  • Different prices for customer groups or companies
  • Different payment methods (by invoice, online payment, bank transfer, ...)

PS: By the way, did you know that Marcando can be used for both B2B and B2C?

Getting started with B2B e-Commerce (benefits)

There are also many reasons why a B2B webshop is indispensable.

Better customer service - a webshop is available 24/7. Customers can place or ready their order at any time.

Automatic sales processes - customers place their orders themselves and they are automatically forwarded to your ERP.

More sales - Existing customers can order more easily but also new customers can discover your products or webshop.

Staying ahead of competition - the competitive advantage of an online shop is not to be discovered.

Better support for sales - thanks to the web shop, the sales can also better assist their customers (viewing stock levels, placing and following up orders, etc.) This also allows them to work more efficiently.

Start today!

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Why B2B webshop?

Buying online is definitely an added value for certain B2B companies. Customers want to be able to place more independent orders at the time they prefer. A webshop for your B2B customers ensures that you can serve them 24/7.

Marcando is the ideal web shop platform for your B2B shop.

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E-commerce for your ERP

Marcando boosts your online sales with an entry-level web shop platform

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