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Would you also like your webshop to rank higher in Google? Be found better this way by your (potential) customers? Chances are you'll just answer yes to this. Below we give you some practical tips that you can start using right away. And so the position of your shop improves.

Why rank higher in Google?

If you have an online store, visitors are a must in order to sell. There are plenty of (paying) ways to get customers to your webshop. But one of the most interesting (& free) ways is to be at the top of Google's search results.

Customers use search engines such as Google to find a solution to their problem. They are looking for an answer to their question, a provider of a particular product or service. In doing so, they often look no further than the first results page.

If they don't find the answer to their question there, they will either change their search or stop looking further. So it is crucial to get to the top of the search results for relevant searches.

How can you score higher?

There are a few things that affect your shop's position in Google. The search engines rank each web page individually. Thus, it is imperative that each page be optimized.

Here are some things you can use to influence the position of your web shop page. Note that the search engines additionally use about 100 other factors to determine rankings...

SEO TIP 1: Find the relevant keywords (keyword analysis)

The first step is to do keyword research. In doing so, you will investigate what keywords / searches your customers are using to find a solution to their problem.

Therefore, look for combinations / searches with a very specific intention. The longer the search query (long-tail) the more specific their search intent, but also the less competition there will be on that keyword.

A keyword research is best done initially for the categories.
Use the results of the keyword research for formatting relevant texts. Write your texts for your visitors with added value.

Interesting (free) tools are:

  • Google Keyword Planner

SEO TIP 2: Unique product descriptions

Unique content is important for search engines. Many web shops choose to use the manufacturer's standard product description or to place no description at all.
In order for product pages to also rank at the top of search results, a relevant / unique description is of necessary importance.

SEO TIP 3: Unique page titles & descriptions

When you search for something in Google you get some ads and then 10 "organic" search results. Such an organic search result consists of a title, url & description.

The title & description should convince the visitor to click on it. Choose an inviting / descriptive title & description. But also make sure that the expectations (that you create in the visitor) are also fulfilled on the page itself.

SEO TIP 4: Internal links & backlinks

Links are very important to Google. Each link to another page counts as a vote for that page. The more links (votes) a particular page gets, the more important Google will consider that page to be. Here there is a distinction between internal links & backlinks.

Internal links

The name actually says a lot. These are links inside your own webshop. Category 1 links to category 2 or blog article 1 links to category 1. A good internal link structure is important!


What is perhaps even more important are backlinks. These are links from other websites / webshops to your shop. Here it is important that the backlinks come from relevant websites.

Eg: If you sell children's toys on your webshop, then backlinks from websites that say something about toys are more important than a website that is about travel.

Interesting (free) tools are:

  • Screaming Frog Crawler

SEO TIP 5: A fast web shop is a must!

Page load times are also an important factor for Google. To give users the most pleasant experience possible, the Web page should load quickly. We make every effort to optimize our Marcando webshops and keep load times as low as possible.

A fast loading time has a positive effect on your position in Google but also on the conversion of your webshop.

Is ranking higher in Google advantageous?

Ranking higher in Google can be very advantageous/profitable. They are free visitors who visit your webshop and can convert to buying customers.

Here, however, it is important to rank for interesting / relevant keywords and preferably with a certain buying intent.

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